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Question: 1 which of the organisms a through d are likely...

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Factors Affecting Growth - Temperature The plates shown below were generated by following the protocol described previously. Briefly, 4 organisms (A, B, C and D) were streaked on nutrient agar plates. After incubation at selected temperature, an increase in cell density is indicative of cell growth. By this method optimal temperature range of an organism can be estimated 1. Read the results below and answer questions. 4°C 40°C 60 с

1. Which of the organisms (A through D) are likely to be a part of your microbiome?

2. Organisms A, C and D did not grow at 600C. What is the likely molecular explanation for this? Hint: What cellular structures are affected at this temperature?

3. Organisms A and D grew at both 250C and 400C. What can be said about the cellular components of these organisms?

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