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1. Which statement describes a correlation between two variables? O Correlated variables are Interdependent; as one varies so does the other in a predictable fashion. O Correlated variables strongly Imply their change is caused by a third, perhaps unknown, variable. O Correlated variables demonstrate causality; change in the independent variable directs change in the dependent varlable. O Correlated variables are dependent; how they change is predicted by change in a third unknown variable. O Correlated variables are independent; how one varies does not have an effect on how the other varies. 2. Which statements describe the relationship between correlation and causation? Select the TWO answers that are correct. O Correlation alone is not sufficient evidence to attribute causation. When a correlation has a high probability, it strongly implies causation. when two variables correlate, it strongly implies that a third unknown variable is the causal factor. O Strong correlations among variables are evidence of causation by the independent variable. O Either variable might be the cause, or both variables might be influenced by a third unknown variable.
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