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1. Why do you care about the reasons for a customer’s discontinuing business with your company?

2. Why do you care about the reasons an employee leaves your company?

3. As a customer, do you believe that you are always right and that companies should cater to what you want to have?

4. As the management of a business, what can you do to empower your employees to help customers, but prevent them from “giving away the farm?”

5. How is being critical of others or superior about yourself different from having respect for yourself and your abilities?

6. How is looking for a win-win situation different from manipulating people into doing something you want them to do? Site some examples from your experience.

7. What is the most expensive item you have ever purchased? To what extent did you feel that the product was worth the price you paid?

8. Describe a situation when you bought something that was not worth the price?

9. Have you ever bought anything that cost little, but surprised you with quality? If so, describe this.

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