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1. Wild-type Drosophila melanogaster have dark red eyes and smooth, tapered bristles (these are the hairs that they have on their back). A geneticist performed a series of crosses usingD melanogaster with the mutant eye colour phenotype scarlet (bright red) and the mutant bristle phenotype singed (singed bristles look like they have been burned). The results were as follows Cross 1: pure-breeding female, singed bristles X pure-breeding male, scarlet eyes Progeny (F1): 82 females, wild-type eye colour and bristles one is used for cross 2) 79 males, wild-type eye colour and singed bristles (one is used for cross 2) Cross 2: F1 female from cross 1 X F1 male from cross 1 Progeny (F2): Wild-type eyes, Wild-type eyes, scarlet eyes, scarlet eyes, wild-type bristles singed bristles wild-type singed bristles bristles 10 Females 29 Males 27 31 30 (a) Based on these data, what is the mode of inheritance of the phenotypes scarlet eyes and singed bristles, respectively? (b) Predict the outcome of a cross between a pure breeding female with scarlet eyes and a pure breeding male with singed bristles. Show the genotype of the parents, a Punnett square representing this particular cross, and the predicted phenotypes of the progeny (including their respective ratios)

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