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1 You are appointed as a Contract Manager for an Employer who will be inviting competitive
tenders for a new project. You have been asked to assist the Tender Team in
terms of Contract Structure and documentation.
as this is applicable where the JCT Standard Form of Building Contract, Intermediate Form
of Building Contract or Agreement for Minor Building Works is to be used. You are
required to follow principles of NJCC (the National Joint Consultative Committee for
Building UK) and CIB (Construction Industry Board) Code of Procedures for single stage
selective tendering.
You have included the necessary questions or tile for required information, but the replies
have been received in a different format.. What action do you take, and why?  

2. Your company has been awarded the contract for the construction of a 1km long cablestayed bridge on a national highway crossing a river.. Due to cultivation on both sides of
highway, very restricted space of the only 100m in width and 250m in length is available on
both sides of the highway.
To mobilize the site your management has asked you as their Contracts’ Manager to
prepare your plan for the site documentation contract and subcontract management,
including templates for detailed records to be maintained

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