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1. You are planning to establish a childcare center for pre-school age children. Costs
Income, profits and salary are estimated at $ 650 per week. You estimate that you will incur a $ 25 per child, per week, to cover the cost of breakfast, lunch, and activities training, considering that each child should take the snacks. Considering the costs for this service in other care centers in the area, a tuition fee of $ 200 is established annual and a payment for concept of care of $ 75 per week per child. The center will operate 48 weeks per year and costs are not incurred during the weeks of the year that does not provide services.

a). Formulate the equations for total cost and total income, by year, respectively

b.) Determine the minimum number of children who must enroll and stay in care to at least recover costs.

c. Assuming that 15 children are enrolled, determine the amount of the loss or gain.

APPENDIX C:COMPOUND INTEREST TABLES ROA 1. Usted está planificando establecer un centro de cuido para niños de edad pre-escol

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