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10. -13 points PrvteraSta1s3 13.E 025 My Notes kYour Teo Air traffic controllers perform the vital function of regulating the traffic of passenger planes. Freqently, air traffic controllers work lung hours with little sleep. Reserchers wanted to test their ability to make basic deciions as they beccme increasingly sleep deprived. To test their abilities, a sample of G air taff c controlersis so cctcd and given a decision-making skills test following 12-hour, 24-hour, and 48 our s eep deprivation. Higher scores indicate ba ar dec sicn-making skills The tabla İsts the hypothetical results o this study. 23 19 34 26 23 21 23 21 15 21 17 21 23 15 16 a) Complete the F table. (Round your answers to two decimal paces.) uf NS within (crror) Tota bComput a Bonfcrroni precedure and interpret the rasults. (Ascuma axperimentwisc alpha equal to 0.05. Sclect all that apply.) here is ง significant difference in decision making for the 12-hour and 48-hour sleep deprivation conditions. Thare are no significant differencas betwcen any of the groups. There is a signifitant difference in deision making for the 24-huur and 48-hour sleep deprivativri conditions. There is a significant diffarencc in decizion making for tha 12-haur and 21-hour alcep deprivation conditions. You may nตed to usa the appropriate tabia ln AnPตndlx C ta answer this question.

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