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10. *Express your understanding of h and V/2. Re-write equation 7.53. Provide explanation of this equation as a valid conservation equation. Define specific total enthalpy, ho. Does equation 7.54 follow the equation 7.54 in (i) adiabatic flow and (ii) isentropic flow? Define To and po.
hconst (7.53) along a streamline. Recall that the assumptions which led to Equation (7.53) are that the flow is steady, adiabatic, and inviscid. In particular, since Equation (7.53) holds for an adiabatic flow, it can be used to elaborate on our previous definition of total enthalpy. Since ho is defined as that enthalpy that would exist at a point if the fluid element were brought to rest adiabatically, we find from Equation (7.53) with V 0 and hence h-ho that the value of the constant in Equation (7.53) is ho. Hence, Equation (7.53) can be written as V2 7.54) h Equation (7.54) is important; it states that at any point in a flow, the total enthalpy is given by the sum ofthe static enthalpy plus the kinetic energy, all per unit mass Whenever we have the combination h+V/2 in any subsequent equations, it can be identically replaced by ho. For example, Equation (7.52), which was derived for a steady, adiabatic, inviscid flow states that
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