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10] If the strap of problem [9] is made of 2024-13 Aluminum Sheet, determine (a) the allowable you would need to evaluate its strength, (b) the corresponding Margin of Safety of the strap, and (c) whether or not the strap is expected to fail. PLEASE ANSWER QUESTION 10. YOU WILL NEED QUESTION 9 SO I WILL PROVIDE IT BELOW [91 Read chapter 2.5 of the handbook on running loads. Suppose the lower cap of a floor beam is stabilized by a 0.75 by 0.05 strap that is 100 long and that spans 5 floor beams. If the strap carries 1000 lb of tension, determine (a) the stress in the strap, and (b) the running load ANSWERS PROVIDED BELOW 9. (a) f 26.7 ksi, (b) N 1.333 kips/i 10. (a) Ftu-65 ksi, (b) MS-1.438, (c) no in.

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