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10 Label each of the following scenarlos with the correct comblnation of price change and quantity change. In some scenarios, It may not be possible from the information given to determine the direction of a particular price change or a particular quantity change. We will symbolize those cases as, respectively, P? and Q?. 0.33 points Scenario Price Quantity On a hot day, both the demand for lemonade and the supply of lemonade Click to select)(Click to select) ncrease eBook On a cold day, both the demand for ice cream and the supply of ice cream ecrease (Click to select) # (Click to select Ask When Hawalls Mt. Kllauea erupts violently, the demand on the part of tourists or sightseeing flights increases but the supply of pilots willing to provide hese dangerous flights decreases. Print Click to select) 수 (Click to select) In a hot area of Arlzona where they generate a lot of thelr electricity with ind turbines, the demand for electricity falls on windy days as people switch f their air conditioners and enjoy the breeze. But at the same time, the amount of lectricity supplled increases as the wind turbines spin faster Click to select) (Click to select) Increasc Decrease Q?

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