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Question: 10 points design a 1bit alu below is a block...

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(10 Points) Design a 1-bit ALU. Below is a block diagram of a simplified ALU. Three select lines should determine which operation the ALU performs from the set (NOT, AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, ADD) 3. OUT ALU COUT CIN All the components that you need to use are already in the simulator. You will need the basic gates, adder, multiplexer to complete the circuit. You dont need to use transistors instead raise your abstraction level to gates. Heres how each operation works: Not operation- Only the A input is used to complete the operation. If it is 1, OUT will be a O and vice versa. Add operation - When the Add operation is chosen, the corresponding A, B and Cin inputs are used to determine OUT and Cout. Other operations - A, B inputs are used to perform the corresponding AND, NAND, OR, NOR, or XOR and the output is shown on the OUT. For example: If A is 1, B is 1 and the corresponding XOR operation is chosen using the select bits, then the output will be a 0. You want to make sure that your circuit doesnt output 1 for Cout, when Add operation is not chosen. For example, when A is 1, B is 1, And operation is chosen, is the output 1 for Cout? How do you make sure that it doesnt show a 1, when we are not performing an Add operation? Build the circuit in steps and make sure to go through the tutorial about Logisim to understand the wiring and watch the instructor videos.

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