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Question: 10 points difficulty 45 a dimensions 9 in 7 ft...

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(10 points) Difficulty (4/5) a. Dimensions 9 in 7 ft 3.7 ft Problem Statement: A wooden deck is constructed to support a haystack as shown. The joists of the floor are to be made with dressed air-dry douglas fir lumber with nominal widths of 2 inches. You know that a 14x18x36 square bale of this kind hay weighs 61 lb, and you are assuming the hay in the haystack has the same density as these square bales. (This is probably a conservative estimate, since the bales are probably denser than the stack in reality.) You would lik to design the joists to have a factor of safety of 4.2 against yielding. Determine the following (a) The maximum value of the distributed load applied to one joist. (b) The maximum bending moment experienced by one joist. (c) The minimum required height h of the joists (d) The minimum required section modulus of the joists (e) The smallest standard lumber size acceptable to use for joist:s Answers a) wman (b) Mmar - (c) hmin (d) Smin - (e) Lumber Choice- be sure to include units with your answers

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