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Question: 10 problem 7 two lenses are mounted d 28 cm...

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(10%) Problem 7: Two lenses are mounted d 28 cm apart on an optical bench. The focal length of the first lens ish = 8.7 cm and that of the second lens is = 4.4 cm. An object of height h.-4.4 cm is placed at a distance of do-22 cm in front of the first lens 25% Part (a) Ignoring the second lens for now, at what distance, in centimeters, behind the first lens is the objects image formed by that lens? di Grade Summary Deductions 0% 100% cosO 78 9 Submissions Attempts remaining: 3 cotan)asin) acosO % per attempt) detailed view atan() acotan() sinhO coshOtanh cotanhO Degrees O Radians 12 3 0 END CLEAR SubmitHint I give up! Hints: 4% deduction per hint. Hints remaining: Feedback: 5% deduction per feedback Δ 25% Part (b) Calculate the magnification of that image, including its sign 25% Part (c) Which choice best describes that image? Δ 25% Part (d) Now consider the two-lens system and the final image it forms, i.e., the image created by the second lens. What is the distance, in centimeters, between the object and its final image?

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