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Question: 10 solve this triangle for the unknown probiem set 73...

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10. Solve this triangle for the unknown probiem set 73 parts. 15 130 30 11. Write the equation in standard form and graph the elliphe: A 12. A manufacturer produces bolts are 4.0 cm and a standard deviation of 0.1 cm. What percentage length between 3.94 cm and 4.14 cm? whose lengths are nonmally distributed with a mean of of the bolts will have a 13. Solve for b: b 14. A parabola has its vertex at (3, -2) and its focus at (3, 5). Wn 15. Find the coordinates of the focus and the vertex a 16. Sketch the graph of the function y - log4 12 12 its vertex at (3, -2) and parabola, the directrix, and the axis of symmetry. Graph t axis of symmetry for the parabola y .Graph the parabola. Write the equation of the sinusoid as a he parabola. and the equations of the directrix and the 17. cosine function. ABole-D) 18. Write the equation of the sinusoid whose graph is a sine function with a centerline of y =-2, an amplitude of 6, a period of 2π, and a phase angle ofr/4. 19. Multiply (3 cis 420PX4 cis 330°) and express the answer in rectangular form. Give an exact answer. 20. Solve for v: lar + by = c 21. Use the result of problem 20 to solve for y: 2x + 6y- 14 Solve the following equations given that (0 S e,x <360): 22, sin _ 2 sin2 0 23. see -4-0 25. Evaluate: tan (-6909) - see(-690°)- cot? 690 27. Graph the solution to the system of inequalities: 162 y2 Solve for x: 28. In 27 2 Inx In(2-)9lg(2)+ log, r-3) 1 30. Use the locus definition method to find the equation of the line equidistant from the points (-6, 4) and (4,9). Write the equation in slope-intercept form.
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