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1:00 1:00 Knowledge Check 01 Silver Company purchased a machine for use in the business. The purchase price was $55,000 and the related sales tax totaled $500 Sliver paid $1,000 to have the machine delivered to its factory and $2.000 to have it assembled. Over the five-year life of the machine. maintenance cost of $800 will be incurred annually What is the capitalized cost of this asset? PreN 456 10 of 10 Next>
Knowledge Check 01 Manning Company purchased a factory for $120,000 The factory included land, a building, and equipment. The land contributes 40.8%, the building contributes 49.6%, and the equipment contributes 9.6% of the factorys value. How much of the cost should be assigned to the building? Cost assigned to the bulding
Knowledge Check 01 Remington Company purchased office equipment for use in the business with an invoice price of $28,00 The company paid $1 to have the equipment delvered and another $500 to have it installed. The company paid cash for the transportation and installation costs and signed a note for the invoice price of the new equipment Prepare the appropriate journal entry for the expenditures relating to this equipment. (If no entry is required for a transaction/event select No Journal Entry Required in the first account field.) View transaction list Journal entry worksheet Record the purchase of equipment at $30,000, of which $2,000 paid in cash and balance as notes payable. Note: Enter debits before credis Transaction
Knowledge Check O1 The acquisition cost of a delivery truck was $45.000 and the accumulated depreciation recorded on that truck to-date equals $20,000. What is the book value of the truck? < Prev 9-10 of 10 İİİ Next >
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