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Question: 1000 am the poel has epened and hanmah is playing...

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10:00 am: The poel has epened and Hanmah is playing in the childrens pool.using a pool tay, Hannah a decided that she b gong to try o empty the poel. If her pool sy holds 150 mLof water, how mamy scoops wll it take her to empty the chidrens pool that is 12 t by 32 ft by 2 Assume she is cossistent, doesnt tired, and the pool does fot feiL·Himts: Find the volumeof the pool first-irr holds 7.48 gal or tap here to enter text olume in L Number of scoops (Remember to convert the scoop volume to L first 3) 12:00 pm: Lunch timel A two-year old burns through a lot of calories playi增and growing. If Hannah eats about 1000 Calories of food at unch, ow much is this in kw hrs? If it talkes approxmately 10milion kw-hrs o power a city, did Hannah corsume enoughenergy to power a city? Use Conversion Sheet (Eneray&POwEr Section 4 100pm: Nap timel Describe in one werd, how dad feels right now S 200 pm: it tuns out the ANC system has a ckeg in a drain pipe. Its recommended that you pour i eup of vinegar a if I have a 10e2 cup of water, how much visegar should lad? Remember to use unit conversions b Dad has a headache frem dealing with this during nap tme. if he needs to take 200 mg of ib prefer and they come in 200 mg tablets, how many does he take? 6) 3:00 pm: Arter nap-time, Hannah goes to Discovery Place südkB costs $20 for her and S101or her dad 이 they paid $140 for amembership, they could get in fer free each time. How may times would both Hannah and her dad need to go to make the membership the better eption? in. if

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