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Question: 1017 a variablespeed drive consists of a 460v ll fourpole...

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10.17 A variable-speed drive consists of a 460-V (L-L), four-pole, 60-Hz, 50- 1770-r/min induction motor supplied from a controlled rectifier and a simple voltage-source i three phase, and 60 Hz. nverter. The electrical supply is at 460 V (L-L), (a) The no-load current of the motor with rated stator voltage and fre- quency is 24 A. All losses except rotor losses can be ignored and the leakage inductance can be neglected. Estimate the fundamental stator current and power factor when this motor is delivering rated torque. (b) The starting current for this motor is listed by the manufacturer as 600 A. Estimate the fifth and seventh harmonic stator currents when the motor is providing rated torque at 1200 r/min.

PROBLEMS (c) By what factor should the motor torque be derated because of the fifth and seventh harmonics in the stator current? d) Find the sixth harmonic torque due to the interaction of rated fundamental flux linkage with the fifth harmonic current found in

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