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108 Cell Biology and DNA According to the ABO blood system, there are four blood types based on a system of dominance, recessiveness, and co-dominance. The blood type itselfis referred to as the phenotype, or the outward expression of the genes. The actual genes responsible for the blood type are referred to as the genotype. In the they always display themselves in the would be A. The exception is, if two dominant alleles are present, such as A and B, the blood type is AB (co-dominant). Two 0 alleles are necessary for the phenotype to express type O blood. The Rh system is similar to the ABO blood system in the way that it expresses dominance and recessiveness in the type. A positive Rh allele will always show itself in the phenotype, therefore, two negative Rh alleles present for the phenotype to be Rh negative. ABO system, A and B are dominant alleles and O is recessive. When dominant alleles are present phenotype. This means that if an A allele is present, the blood type blood must be 1. If a father is A+ and the mother B+ then: a. List the possible genotypes of each parent. b. List the possible genotypes of the offspring of this mating. c. Can they have an 0-child? d. What is the genotype of an 0-person? Can an 0+ man be the biological father of an 0-child? No becae Explain your answer (for or against) by listing the possible genotypes of the man and the child. 2. Rh is dominant and:s reussive 3. Can an 0- man be the father of an A+ child? Explain. 4. A mother is AB+ and her child is A-.What are the possile genotypes of the biological father of the child? 5. Sue claims that John is the father of her baby. A basic blood typing is done for the ABO and Rh systems, revealing that Mary is B+, John is 0+, and the baby is A- a. Write all possible genotypes for each individual. b. Can John be excluded or could he be the father? Explain.
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