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Question: 10ydx dy 3347 ze3m ydx 3dx...

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10.-ydx + dy = (334-7 + ze3m) ydx + 3dx
PARTI: RE-ARRANGING INTO A STANDARD FORM (40% of exam. Two problems will be of this type, each worth 20 pts.) Re-arrange the equation so that it is in form 1, if possible. If it is not possible to put it in form 1, then put it in form 2. form 1: vy)dy wx)dx dy The symbols a, b and c are nonzero constants. Your final answer must have Ilike terms combined and fractions reduced. Also, your final answer is to have as few exponents as possible. (An exponent that has more than one term is still a single exponent. So, for example, x3x2ьх which has 3 exponents, should be re-expressed as x 3+2b-a, which now has only 1 exponent.)
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