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Question: 11 and 12 please help...

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11 and 12? Please help
11. and II are: OH NH HO NH2 A) constitutional isomers. B) enantiomers. C) identical. D) diastereomers. E) not isomeric, 12. The two compounds shown below are: A) enantiomers. B) diastereomers. C) constitutional isomers. D) identical. E) different but not isomeric. 13. What is IUPAC name of the following compound? A) (IR, 3R, 5R)-1-bromo-3-chloro 5-fluoro B) (R, 3R, C) (is, 3S, 5R)-1-bromo-3-chloro-5-fluorocyclohexane D) (S, 3S, 14. The compound shown below is an isomer of the asthma medication albuterol. Indicate whether the compound is (R) -albuterol or (S)-albuterol?
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