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11) The mass of a graduated cylinder with a liquid in it is 78.0 g. The mass of the ore adding the liquid is 36.8 g. The volume of the liquid in the cylinder is 20.0 ml. What is the density of the liquid? hat is the shape of this molecule? 13) Calculate the energy of light which has a wavelength of 435 nm? (h 6.63 X 10-34 Js, С-3.00 X 108 m/s, l m-1 X10 nm) 14) Calculate the number of molecules in 155 g of iron (II) nitrate. 15) Draw the orbital filling diagram, electron configuration, and dot diagram for oxygen. How many half-filled orbitals exist? 16) If 78.0 g of calcium are produced during a reaction, calculate the number of moles of calcium produced. 17) A hydrate of Laz(CO3)3 has a mass of 100.80 g before heating. After heating, the mass of the anhydrous compound is found to be 76.9 g. What is the formula for this hydrate? Directions: Provide all possible names for each of the following compounds. 18) CCl 19) Pb(CIO42
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