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110 marks: 0.5 points each Q 1: Select the most appropriate answerís: T İco5llsoilRelative ease with which a material (usually a metal) can be machined using appropriate tooling and cutting conditions: a. Tolerance b. MachinabilitycRoughness d. None of the above 2. [COslIsOjl If MR of a test material is greater than 1, then its machinability is: a. better 3. ICOSIIsOjl Harder tool materials require: a. Lower feeds 4. ICOslISojWhich of the following cutting conditions should be selected first? a. speed b. worse c. Does not change d. None of the above Feed Does not chan b. Higher feeds c. d. None of the above ge b. feed c Cutting fluid d power 5. (coSISOjl Mathematical formulas available to determine optimal cutting speed sabjected to two alternatives: Maximum Production Maximum cutting Minimum Minimum cutting time a. rate and minimum b. time and minimum c Production raie and d and maximom unit 6. iCo6sojl Grinding operation is different from slab milling by its: a. and higher negative b. speeds and higher e speeds and lower d None of the above unit cost unit cost maximum unit cost cost Higher cutting speeds Lower cutting Higher cutting rake angle negative rake angle negative rake angle 7. [CO6]ISOjl The capacity of grits of grinding wheel to fracture when cutting edge dulls, so anew sharp edge is exposed, known as: a. Reliability b. Durability 8. Icoslsoj)l Better surface finish in grinding can be achieved using: c. Friability d. Toughness Sanaler gais sies eer cating Denser Wheel structure d. All the above
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