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1.11 80% Homework1 557463403 - Read-only 410 1 1 :35 Read Only - You cant save chang. ME 325 Thermo Fluid Scientes Winter 201 Hw 1 1 A pas eters 2 compressor that prowides a pressure ratio leet pressure to inlet pressure) equal to8 indicates the gas pressure at the atsoute oressure, in The fol lowing table gives data, in Btu, for a system undergoing a power cyde consistoing of four processes in series. Detemine (a) the missing table entries, each in Btu, and Ib) the themal efficiency 2 nal premure of 51.41bf i the proces follows p.ctand The work is W-194.34 u Assuming ideal gas behavior for the air, and meglecti ng knenc and potential enerpy effects 2. The mass of air, inlb, and the ral temperature, in R PF 4 Three reburn steam ines in a chemical processing plant enter a collection tank operating at se2dy state at l ba. Steam eetersiriet1 wth flow rate of 0 8 ญ/s 2nd Osalt, of 0.9. Steam enersinket 2 Is 40kw. Npecting kinetic and potential energy elects, dezermine for the steam esting the cank l The mass flow rate, in kos b The bamperabure,inC

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