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Question: 1113 a management consulting company presents a threeday seminar on...

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11.13 A management consulting company presents a three-day seminar on project management to various clients. The seminar is basically the same each time it is given. However, sometimes it is presented to high-level managers, sometimes to midlevel managers, and sometimes to low-level managers. The seminar facilitators believe evaluations of the seminar may vary with the audience. Suppose the following data are randomly selected evaluation scores from different levels of managers who attend the seminar. The ratings on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. Use a one-way ANOVA to determine whether there is a significant difference in the evaluations according to manager level. Assume alpha= 0.05.

High Level             Mid Level              Low Level

7                           8                            5

7                           9                            6

8                           8                            5

7                           10                          7

9                           9                            4

                            10                           8


1) please set up ANOVA test

(If you do not have ANOVA table for 11.13, use

SSC=53.37, SSE=22.657 and rests are easily obtained.)

2) write down conclusion using CV and p-value approach

3) write down implication

4) set up Tukey table

(Note: Last column of Tukey table should be one of two, same or not same)


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