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True / False is generally used exclusively by internal parties such as managers 2. Prime oosts include direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead 3. manufacturing costs are treated as product costs Variable costs are always direct costs 5. An opportunity cost is the cost of not doing something 6, When job order costing is used, costs are accumulated on a job cost sheet Source documents are used to assign all manufacturing costs to jobs A predetermined overhead rate is calculated by dividing estimated total manufacturing overhead cost by estimated total cost driver. 9. The total amount of cost assigned to jobs that were completed during the year is the cost of goods sold. 10 The most common method for disposing of the balance in Manufacturing Overhead is to make a direct adjustment to Cost of Goods Sold A volume-based allocation measure is directly related to the number of units produced or the number of customers served 12. The gross margin is calculated by subtracting total nonmanufacturing cost per unit from the unit sales price 13. Activity-based management is a method of assigning indirect costs to products or services based on the activities they require. 14. A value-added activity is one that enhances the perceived value of the product or service to the customer 15. Internal failure costs result from defects that are caught during the inspection process
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