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11:54 HOMEWORK 1: CS 425 (THEORY OF ALGORITHMS DUE DATE: 01/25/2019 Illustrate the Euclid algorithm (recursive way) to find GCD of the following two numbers: 672,3780. Also, find out how many recursive calls are involved in finding the GCD 2. Write a recursive function that would take an integer N as input and it will display all the numbers starting from N down to 1. Complete the program, by writing the main, and calling it with suitable values of N. . Given the following integer numbers: 24, 17, 6, 19, 1, 0,4,-2 Using Insertion Sort, sort these data in increasing order (from lowest to highest value). Compute the runtime as well. Use the table below 4 Given the following function int Fn(int N) ifN else I) return 5 return 2 + Fn(N/2) Answer the following questions: a What type of function is this-iterative or recursive? Explain biDetermine the value of Fn(15) Show all the steps. s Given the data Using the last element as the pivot, illustrate the Hoare Partition Algorithm. What would be the runtime in terms of number of comparisons.
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