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Question: 1162019 13 in the us ac line voltage oscillates at...

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1/16/2019 13. In the u.S. AC line voltage oscillates at a frequency of a. S0 Hz c. 120Hz b. 60 Hz d. one of the above 14. The deviation from the way a compass needle points from the true north direction is the a. greenhouse effect b. magnetic effect C. d. magnetic declination magnetic resonance effect none of the above 15. A magnetic field is created by an electric charge if the charge is a. positive b. negative moving d. stationary e. any of the above 16. Why would a decrease in the amount of ozone in t atmosphere increase the likelihood of people getting sunburn? a. Global temperatures would rise b. More ultraviolet radiation would reach the ground c. People would be exposed to more infrared radiation d.The premise is incorrect. Ozone and sunburn are not relate 17. The uncharged particle inside an atom is the a. Electron b. Proton c. Neutron d. Nucleus 18. The central core inside an atom is the a. electron b proton c. neutron d. nucleus
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