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Question: 11gaseous propane cahg and dry air enters a combustion chamber...

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11.Gaseous propane (CaHg) and dry air enters a combustion chamber of a boiler steadily at a pressure of 1 atm and a temperature of 298 K. Dry air composition is 21 mol% 02, 79 mol% N2 Given the stiochiometric equation is: 1 C3Ha (g) 5 O2 (g) -3 CO2 (g) 4 H2O (g) and that the AH a) REACION 2050000 kJ/kmol C,H If oxygen is present so that it is at 50 % excess of the stoichiometric demand, and assuming complete combustion, calculate the air-fuel ratio by mole and by mass [6 marks] b) Calculate the composition of the exit gases (in mole %) being discharged to the atmosphere from this unit assuming total combustion of the C3H8. [7 marks] c) f the flow rate of propane to the unit is 44 kg hr1 and the exit gases leave the unit at a temperature of 700 K and a pressure of 1 atm, calculate the amount of energy in the flue gas stream (in kW) (7 marks] d) If the unit operates such that 70% of the heat of combustion is taken up by the boiler water, calculate the percentage of heat of combustion lost to the environment through the boiler walls. [5 marks] Data supplied Table1.1 Molar mass, and mean molar heat capacities of gases (between 298 and 700 K) Components RMM kg kmol1 32 28 18 31.14 29.76 35.35

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