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12) A redipe calls for 3 cup of milk. How much milk should be used to make of the recdpe? 13) A childs dooe of medicine is g of a pre-measured dose cup. I the bottle of medicine is the size of 6 dose cups, how many childrens doses are there in the bottle? MARY 14) Tim needs to apply 1 gallons of herbicide per acre of soybeans. How many gallons of Divisic terpret rnethod MULTPLE CHOICE. herbicide are needed for 400 acres? İS) A technician has readings that take be coenpleted in 240 minutes? minates each to read and record. How many readings can Ws and Write an 15) of A) 241 readings B) 800 readings C) 9 readings D) 72 readings Solve I 16) The floor of a rectangular room is to be tiled with 3 foot square tiles along a foot wall Expla How many tiles will be needed along the wall? divid Write the following in simplest form using positive exponents 17) 78 74 18)37.33 19) (3)2 17) 18) 19) cup 21ずず why Evaluate using the order of operations. -13+24+-6(-4) 97-7(21)3.2 22) 6,(-7-8)-9(-5) 239 6(-9-5) (6.5) 23) tot 2 Solve for n in the following 24) 27-2m 16 24)
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