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1-2. Figure C1.2 shows a mechanism that is typical in the tank of a water closet. Note that flapper C is hollow and filled with trapped air. Carefully examine the configuration of the components in the mechanism Then answer the following leading questions to gain insight into the operation of the mechanism. 1. As the handle A is rotated counterclockwise, what is the motion of flapper C? 2. When flapper Cis raised, what effect is seen? 3. When flapper C is lifted, it tends to remain in an upward position for a period of time. What causes this tendency to keep the flapper lifted? 4. When will this tendency (to keep flapper C lifted) cease?
FIGURE CL2 (Courtesy Industrial Press, Inc.). 5. What effect will cause item D to move? 6. As item D is moved in a counterclockwise direction, what happens to item F? 7. What does item F control? 8. What is the overall operation of these mechanisms? 9. Why is there a need for this mechanism and a need to store water in this tank?
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