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12 LAB EX 2 Language of Anatomy Lab Activity 2-1: Define These Anatomical Languages superion inferior anterior (ventral) posterior (dorsal) cephalad (cephalic) a caudad (caudal) proximal distal medial lateralLab Activity 2-6: Label These Structures I. BODY PLANES: Label Items A-C FIGURE 2-7 Body PlanesII. BODY REGIONS: Label Items A to EIII A. Match the following structures on the left column with correct features or functions from the right column. ORGAN OR ORGAN SYSTEM Lymph nodes and spleen Nervous Urinary Respiratory Pituitary and adrenal glands FUNCTIONS OR FEATURES A Endocrine component B Storage of minerals C Support and protection D Impulse conduction E Excretion of nitrogenous wastes, regulation of fluid, 2 4 electrolytes and blood acid-base F Exchange of gases G Lymphatic and immune system component Muscular 7 Skeletal III B. Identify/Label the following structures

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