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Question: 12 match the bone than once column a review sheet...

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12. Match the bone than once. Column A Review Sheet 10 161 names and markings in column B with the descriptions in column A The tems in column 8 may be used more Column B a acetabulum b. cakaneus and 1. fuse to form the hip bone 2 rough projection that supports body weight when siting 3 point where the hip bones join anteriorly 4 superiormost margin of the hip bone 5. dep socket in the hip bone that receives the head femu d. fbula e gluteal tuberosity greater and lesser trochanters of the thigh bone 6 joint between axcial skeleton and pelvic giedle g greater sciatic notch 7. longest, strongest bone in body ac crest 8 thin, lateral leg bone 9 permits passage of the sciatic nerve 10. notch located inferior to the ischial spine 11. point where the patellar ligament attaches 12. kneecap 13. shinbone 14 medial anikle projection 15. lateral ankle projection 16. largest tarsal bone 17, ankle bones 18. bones forming the instep of the foot 19. opening in hip bone formed by the pubic and ischial rami and um J schial tuberosty k ischium L lateral malleolus m lesser sciatic notch n medial malleokus o metatarsals p obturator foramen q patella r pubic symphysis s pubis t sacrollac joint 20. sites of muscle attachment onu talus the proxmal femur 21. tarsal bone that sits on the calcaneus _22 weight-bearing bone of the leg w tarsals w tba x sbial tuberosity 23. tarsal bone that artioulates with the bbia
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