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(12 pts.) True or false section (W rite down BOTHOLESTİONAND ANSWER at our answer e your answer-IE YOUCHOOSE FALSE WRITE DOWN THE CORRECT ANSWER a. Suppose that X takes values between 0 and I and has probability density function 2x.1 variance = 120 A Y ou throw two dice and toss a coin simultaneously. The sample space of this experiment contains 72 different values. If C and D are two events with PD)-0.45, and PCn D 0.1 then PCn D)0.9 d If A and B are two disjoint events, where PIA-0.3, then the maximum value of PIB 0.8 e Suppose X is a random variable with E)-5 and Var()2, then E-10 A fair die is rolled six times. The probability that the highest outcome of the six throws is less than 4 is 1/6 hIf N has PMF beside and Y-V, then E(V)-1.S i. The number of different S-bit words containing three ones and five zeros are 40 &ACRV has uniform distribution from -5 to 3. The probability that the CRV is positive is 3/8. TPA)04 PB) 0.3 and P(AUB)C)0.42 then A, B are dependent. . ITwo mutually-exclusive events are dependent. L The slope of the PDF for CRV couldnt be negative.

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