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1:23 PM Fri Jan 25 52% (3) Based on Problem 3.17 Write a program that reads in a list of floating-point numbers and then prints out the count of the values, the average, and the standard deviation. Recall that the average of a data set {x1,x2, . . . , zn} s i = Σ_x, and the standard deviation is given by n- n- 1 HOMEWORK #2-DEADLINE JANUARY 30, 11:59 PM Remark: To compute the deviation use the second formula, since the first one requires one to save the data set, which we will learn how to do later You can assume that the the users input is always valid and that the list contains at least two numbers You can assume that the numbers in the list are separated by one space character and that the character following the last number in the list is the newline character Implement a loop in which the above actions are repeated until the user requests to quit
1:23 PM Fri Jan 25 52% PIC10AWINTER 2019 32cmd.exe Enter a positive integer: 18 he first 18 Fibonacci nunbers: (3-2 F (5)-5 f(7-13 f(8-21 FC9-34 10-55 Press any key to cont inue
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