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1. Given: A proposed spherical storage tank for liquefied natural gas has a volume of 100,000 ga Find: The diameter of the sphere in m 2. Given: A circular pipeline with inside diameter, D 18 inches is carrying water at a rate Q of 320 gp Find Compute the average water velocity in the pipeline in m/s. V = Q (A), where A-ri 3. Given: Hurricane Katrina flooded a 15 mile x 10 mile area in New Orleans to an average depth of 2.15 m. The army sends a number of large emergency pumps that collectively can pump water at a million gpm into nearby canals. Find: The time in days required to remove all the water from the flooded area. 4. Given: A simply supported beam with a uniform load: R. R. a. The maximum bending moment is given by: Mmx L8 b. The maximum deflection is given by: oax 5qL/384EL Find: The maximum bending moment in ft lb and the maximum deflection in inches if q- 0.25 kip ft, L 4.72 m. E-31x10° psi, and I 39,000 cm
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