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1.1 Exercises l. The amount of garbage, G, produced by a city with population p is given by G measured in tons per week, and p is measured in thousands of people f(p). G is The town of Tola has a population of 40,000 and produces 13 tons of garbage each week. Express this information in terms of the function f. Explain the meaning of the statement f(5)-2. a· b.
22. Match each graph with its equation. IV vi Vil
1.2 Exercises Given each pair of functions, calculate (g(0)) and g(s(o)) I. f(x) = 4x + 8, g(x)-7-x2 3. ,f(x)=Jr+4, g(x)-12-x3 2. f(x)-5x+7, g 4. f(x)=x+2, g 1,3

For each pair of functions, find f(g(x)) and g(f(x) Simplify your answers. g(x)+6 22, f(x)--, g(x) 4 x-6 23. f(x)=x2+1, g(x)=Jr+2 24. f(x)-Vx +2, g(x)-x*+3
Use the table of values to evaluate each expression 5. f(g(8) x f(x)g(x) 7. g(f(5) 3 8 8. g((3) 0. s(JO)) 11. g(g(2)) 4 12. g(g(6)
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