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Question: 13 select the correct text in the passage the cell...

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13. Select the correct text in the passage. The Cell class is below. Which method will give an error no matter what value is entered? Select the header of this method. public class Cell public int getChromosomes0 private int chromosomes, rna public double time, h20, mCount, private static int cellCount 0; if (this.chromosomes< 1) throw new IllegalArgumentException(chromosomes is less than 1) return this.chromosomes public CellO chromosomes 23 rna = 1 h20 2.0 mCount na/h20 public void grow(int x) inc mCount(this,x) return cellCount++ System.out.printin(There are now+cellCount+ cells) public void inc_mCount(Cell cell, double factor) this.mCount mCount factor return public Cell(int a chromosomes. int a rna, double a h20) this0 public double get_mCounto na -a rna, h2o - a_h20 mCount na/h20 return this.mCount, cellCount++ public static Cell getLargerCell mCount(Cell cell_1, Cell cell_2) System.out.println(There are now +cellCount + cells) if(cell_1.get mCountocell 2.get_mCount) return cell_1 public void printinfo0 System.out.println(chromosomes:+this.chromosomes) System.out printina+this.ma) System.out.println(h2o:+this.h20), )else f return cell_2 Select... Select. public Cell(int a chromosomes, int a_rna, double a h20) public void printInfoO public int getChromosomes0 public void grow(int x) public void inc mCount(Cell cell, double factor)

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