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13) Suppose a large number of employees retire and their employers choose not to hire anyone in their place. This would cause A) the unemployment rate to decrease. B) the unemployment rate to increase. C) the number of discouraged workers to increase. D) no change in the unemployment rate E) none of the above. 14) The increase in quality bias in the consumer price index refers to the idea that price increases in the CPI reflect pure inflation, but quality increases. This causes the CPI to the cost of the market basket A) also; understate B) also; overstate C) not; understate D) not; overstate 15. Which of the following statements best represents the principle represented by the adage, There is no such thing as a free lunch? a. Michelle can attend the concert only if she takes her sister with her. b. Michael is hungry and homeless. c. Andrea must repair the tire on her bike before she can ride it to class. d. Dani must decide between going to Florida or Brazil for spring break.
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