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4 nad acconding to NBC 2015 for the following design applications a) the second floor in an office building b) a floor in a parking garage for passenger cans c) the residential area in a 20-storey apartment building 6) a college libeary (at maximom load) Comsider a typical classeoom in your bilding L2 average occupancy live load and Determine the compare the obsained value with the NBC 2015 pre scribed value for this type of occupancy Asi·mpported reit rced concrete ham of rec- tangulas crosse-section (350 mm widts and 700 mm overal dept) spans 8m. The beam sapports a specified bve koad of 15 k/m in adfition to its own weight Use te unit weight of 24 kN/㎡ for tendorcedonate Determine the maximum bending moment in the beam a) due to the total specified load, M b) due to the faciored load, M 2 350 mm s 8 m
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