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Question: 13 what has lead to greater number of measles outbreaks...

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13. What has lead to greater number of measles outbreaks in recent years?

  1. new strains of measles have occurred that the vaccine is not effective against
  2. the MMR vaccine is no longer effective.
  3. lower rates of measles vaccination in the general population
  4. failure of people to properly wash their hands

14. Being exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (living or working with a smoker) ___________________________.

  1. Has little or no effect on your cardiovascular risk
  2. May cause your blood pressure to be low.
  3. Increases your cardiovascular risk more than currently being a smoker
  4. May increase your cardiovascular risk as much as being a former smoker

15. BMI takes into account the overall % body fat

  1. True
  2. False

17. Which of the following lists the CORRECT order of passage of food through our digestive tract?

  1. mouth → esophagus → pharynx → stomach → small intestine → large intestine
  2. mouth → pharynx → esophagus → stomach → large intestine → small intestine
  3. mouth → pharynx → esophagus → stomach → small intestine → large intestine
  4. mouth → esophagus → pharynx → stomach → large intestine → small intestine

18. I had a smoothie in my refrigerator and wanted to find out what was in it, I tested it and here are my results:

Benedicts test: orange

Iodine test: black

Sudan IV test: large red droplets

Biuret test: blue

It must contain:

  1. starch, sugar, and protein
  2. fats, sugars, protein, and starch
  3. fats, sugar, and starch
  4. fats, sugars, and protein
  5. fats and sugars

19. How would the kidneys react if blood pressure dropped from 120/80 to 100/60?

  1. by shutting down.
  2. by excreting salts into the urine
  3. by removing excess water as urine
  4. by conserving as much water as possible

20. If the heart's SA node were stop sending impulses to the AV node what would most likely occur

  1. the valves of the heart would stay open
  2. the AV node would take over as the pacemaker and the heart would function normally
  3. a heart attack
  4. an arrhythmia likely leading to cardiac arrest

21. Veins carry

  1. oxygen-rich blood
  2. blood toward the heart
  3. blood away from the heart
  4. oxygen-poor blood

22. If a person does not have enough biologically available calcium in their diet, which of the following is most likely happening

  1. too much high impact exercise, such as running on hard ground has weakened the bones
  2. osteoblasts are breaking down bone
  3. not consuming enough iron and calcium has caused the bones to stop producing red bloods cells and become weak
  4. osteoclasts are breaking down bone faster than osteoblasts are creating

23. In person with Type II diabetes, which is the most likely way the body will respond after consuming a sugary snack:

  1. glucagon is released, blood glucose levels continue to increase
  2. no insulin is released, blood glucose levels remain high
  3. insulin is released and blood glucose levels return to normal
  4. insulin will be released, blood glucose levels remain high

28. When considering the microbiome, which of the following could have negative effects on it?

  1. having furry pets
  2. breast feeding infants
  3. overuse of sanitizers in homes of young children
  4. consuming a variety of foods
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