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13.1 Charge Charge is quantized, quantum of charge e-1.6 x 10-19 C (coulombe). Any charge q- mentioned. ne,n-integer. Total charge in an isolated system. In these problemms, ignore gravitational attraction between objects unless explicitly L. Name a few things in your real-life experience that are quantized, ie. are an isteger maltiple of some smallest quantity 2. When you balance a chemical reaction, you make sure that what is/are the same on both sides of the chemical equation? Why? 3. You are using a gold leaf electroscope to determine if some rods are charged. You touch one rod to the top conducting plate of the electroscope and the gold leaves repel, and come to equilibrium with a certain angle between them. You touch another rod to the top plate and the angle between the gold leaves increases. What can you definitively say about the two rods? 4. Find a combination of items to rub the rods with to get the effect in the problem above. Pick any two rods and any two items to rub the rods with from the triboelectric series table (on the next page) that will satisfy the observation above. 5. A charged rod is touched to a neutral object. When the rod is removed, the object is found to have acquired a charge of +1 C (this is actually an extremely large charge). Is the object heavier or lighter than when it was neutral? How much is the difference in the objects mass before and after the object is charged? 6. A large and equal charge is deposited on the left ead of two rods, one metallic (conductor) and one wooden (insalator) You touch the right end of the rods. In which case will you receive a shock? Explain why
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