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13-16 please :)
13. Patient with such gasometry results: pH-7.25 (Norm: 7 HC03. 26 mEqL (Norm: 22-26 mEq).) has: a) Respiratory Alkalosis (Uncompensated) b) Respiratory Acidosis (Uncompensated) Metabolic Alkalosis (Partly com d) Metabolic Acidosis (Partly compensated) c) Respiratory Acidosis (Partly compensated) 14. Which of the following is not a water soluble type hormone: a) ADH CTH c) oxytocin d) Thyroxine e) Insulin 15. If patient has Addisons disease he will suffer because of skin color darken and other symptoms. In laboratory test we will sce elevated ACTH (negative feedback does not work properly). What is the reason of this a) Lack of cortisol production from zona fasciulata ack of aldosteron production from zona fasciulata 0) Lack of ADH production from zona fasciulata d) Lack of epinefrine production from medulla e) Lack of norepinefrine production from medulla 16. Which of the following cell groups is considered the punishment center? a) lateral and ventromedial hypothalamie nuclei b) periventricular hypothalamus and midbrain central gray c) supraoptic nuclei of the hypothalamus anterior hypothalamic nucleus caudate nucleus
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