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Figure P1.33 Figure P1.34 Figure P1.35 1.36 A surveyor sights a target at C from points A and B, recording the angles shown. Determine the magnitudes of the position vectors a and b. North 1.37 Knowing that the resultant of the two forces is vertical,determine the angle α .50 63.8° 250 N A 200 m B 25 lb Figure P1.36 12 lb 25° 300 N Figure P1.37 Figure P1.38 30 lb 1.38 To move the oil drum, the resultant of the three forces shown must have a magnitude of 500 N. Determine the magnitude and direction of the smallest force F that would cause the drum to move. 1.39 The resultant of the 50-lb and 30-lb forces is R. IfR angles a and B Figure P1.39 65 lb, determine the 1.39 please with work
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