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14, An individual is XY·This individual is: a. female, with O Barr bodies b. female, with 1 Barr body c. male, with 0 Barr bodies d. male, with 1 Barr body e. male, with 2 Barr bodies 15. True or False? You inherited your mitochondrial DNA from your father 16. A child who is blood type A has a mother who is blood type B. In a paternity suit a man is named as being the father. His blood type is AB. Is he the father? a. yes b. no c. he cannot be excluded as the father d, there is a 12.5% chance that he is the father e, there is a 95% chance that he is the father B. Matching: (2 points each) Match the following terms to their definitions: a. one gene masking the effect of a gene at penetrance another locus b. percent of individuals expressing the c. expression dependent on multiple genes d. the degree to which a character is e. when expression on the paternal expressivity phenotype the environment expressed -epistasis imprinting chromosome differs from that on the maternal chromosome multifactorial traits
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