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14 CHAPTER UNE 1.19 From a point 40 m away from the base of a flagpole the angle of elevation of the top is 28°. Determine th height of the flagpole. 1.20 The angle of depression of a ship from the top of a 288-ft-high lighthouse is 22o. Determine how far the ship is from the lighthouse. 1.21 Two buildings are on opposite sides of a 30-m-wide street. The taller building is known to be 124 m high. If the angle of elevation of the roof of the taller building from the roof of the lower building is 42o, determine the height of the lower building. Problems in structural analysis and surveying often contain multiple triangles or else require the construction of imagi nary lines to form appropriate right triangles A building lot has the dimensions shown in the figure. Find the amount of road frontage (distance AD) for this lot. (Hint: First construct an imaginary line from point A perpendicular to lot line CD.) 1.22
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