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1.40 An aluminum plate 4 mm thick is mounted in a horizontal position, and its bottom surface is well insulated. A special, thin coating is applied to the top surface such that it absorbs 80% of any incident solar radiation, while having an emissivity of 0.25. The density p and specific heat c of aluminum are known to be 2700 kg/m3 and 900 J/kg K, respectively (a) Consider conditions for which the plate is at a temperature of 25°C and its top surface is suddenly exposed to ambient air at Ta -20°C and to solar radiation that provides an incident flux of 900 W/m2. The convection heat transfer coefficient between the surface and the air is h - 20 W/m2 K. What is the initial rate of change of the plate temperature? (b) What will be the equilibrium temperature of the plate when steady-state conditions are reached?

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