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(15 points) A survey was conducted to study the smoking habits of UK residents. Below is a data matrix displaying a portion of the data collected in this survey. Note that the values in amt_Weekends and amt_Weekdays are the number of cigarettes smoked per day, and NIA refers to a missing component of the data. subject IDgenderagemaitalgross_Income smokeatWeekends amt_Weekdays Female 42SingleUnder 2,600 Yes 12 12 Male 44 Single 10,400 to 15,600 No NIA NIA 1691 Male 40 Single 2,600 to 5,200Yes 1. What does each row of the data matrix represent? O A. Each row represents one variable in the study B. Each row represents a range of values for income C. Each row represents a smoking habit in the study D. Each row represents one case, that is. one individual or one UK resident. 2. How many participants were included in the study? 3. Indicate whether each variable in the study is numerical or categorical. If numerical, identify as continuous or discrete. If categorical, indicate if the variable is ordinal. a. The variable gender is? b. The variable age is? c. The variable marital is? d. The variable grossIncome is? e. The variable smoke is and? and? and ? and ? and ? f. The variable amtWeekends is? and ? g. The variable amtWeekdays is? and2

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