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(15 pts) Your uncle sends you a message over Twitter with a link to a medical study. The study compares older adults who report drinking red wine in moderation to older adults who report abstaining from alcohol. Those who drink red wine in moderation are less likely to have hypertension. Your uncle concludes that he is better off drinking red wine for the health benefits. (a) What is the causal relationship your uncle is trying to uncover and what is the coun terfactual of interest? (b) What are the types of omitted variables we might worry about in interpreting the study he cites? Recall the two criteria for an omitted variable to be problematic: that it is correlated with the treatment (red wine) and has an effect on the outcome (health) Q搜索 (c) Suppose that wine drinkers are more likely to survive to old age than non-drinkers. Would this create a selection bias? How would this affect your interpretation of the evidence?

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