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Question: 15 q5 three alloys a b and c are candidates...

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15% Q.5) Three alloys. A. B and C are candidates for an application. The requirement is as follows: The deformation in the bolt must be very low when a load of 200MPa is applied. Using the properties given in the Table below, select the most suitable alloy for this application. I would select alloy for this application. Because TABLE.1 Yield Str MPa 700 280 520 Elastic M GPa 195 170 210 HardnessCharpy Imp % Elong 12% 40% 22% UTS MPa 980 340 654 Toughness 400 210 325 40 80 16% Q2.) Mark the following sentences as True or False (a) Every metal and alloy has a Ductile-Brittle transition temperature . (b) Every metal and alloy has an endurance limit for fatigue (c) In polymers ductile to brittle transition temperature is not observed. (d) Recrystallization is seen in crystalline polymers (e) The toughness of metals can be increased by decreasing the grain size (f) Branching is a type of strengthening in polymers (g) A way of increasing the fatigue life of a metal is to apply a heat treatment and increase the strength. T F T F

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