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15. The A260 nm of a DNA solution is 0.6. How much of this DNA solution and a 6X loading 16. Solution A has 0.20 μ g of DNA per μ L. Solution B has 0.30 μ g of DNA per μL, If you 17. You have a 15% (m/v) solution of glycine (Mw: 75g/mole). By what factor must this dye should you add to 30.5 μL of water to obtain a sample that contains 75 ng of DNA in 0.5X loading dye? (A26o nm of 1.0-50 ug/mL DNA) combine 34 HL of solution A with 19 uL of solution B, what would be the absorbance at 260 nm of the final solution? solution be diluted to obtain a final concentration of 0.05M? 18. A water sample has a phosphate concentration of 6.8 picomolar. Express this as μ g/100 L of phosphate. (MW of PO4: 95g/mole 19. What is the mass per volume (g/L) concentration of total ions in 100 mL of a 0.5M solution of K HPO? (MW of K HPO: 174g/mole, K: 39g/mole, and PO: 95g/mole; and H+: lg/mole) 20. You have three solutions, A, B and C. Each must be diluted by the following dilution factors: 5X, 15X and 45X respectively. What would be the final volume of a solution prepared by adding each of the ingredients to 100 mL of solvent?
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